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Our Story

Vivo Ristorante opened in July of 2011 with the vision of bringing traditional Italian dining, the sharing of food and conversation to our fine city.  Inspired by the vivacious family meals in Grace De Rose`s house growing up, all our food is served family style, in large bowls or platters for sharing. ​

The heart of Italian cooking is fresh regional product; All our Pastas are made fresh in houser, our Executive Chef Medi works with a long list of local suppliers, to prepare the freshest possible ingredients in classic Italian style.  The ingredients on our menu change frequently, whereas our unique family style service and the traditional Italian Piatti (courses) have remained the same. 


Our favourite nights are the ones where the room is alive with sounds of clattering cutlery on plates, clinking of glassware, the bustling kitchen, all intermingled with animated discussion. 

The Vivo Team

Vivo is managed by a dedicated group of gourmands who are passionate about the sharing of flavours, platters, and great company. Our management team has a combined 80 years of experience in the restaurant industry.​


Our Suppliers & Friends

As part of our goal to source as much local, high quality product as possible, vivo uses these Edmonton area suppliers; Sundog Organics, Riverbend Gardens, The Italian Centre Shop, Unique Wood Products, Doef's Greenhouses, GULL VALLEY Greenhouses, Sky Line Greenhouse, , Four Whistle Farm, Steve & Dan's Fresh B.C. Fruit, reclaim greens, Natural pastures BC, Strathcona microgreens, wiseats Mushrooms.

We relish the enthusiasm and zeal with which traditional Italian dining is to be enjoyed. Our open kitchen showcases our chefs preparing fresh and local ingredients.


When you join us for dinner, expect it to be a relaxing evening lasting a couple of hours over several piatti (courses). Your table comes alive when we present a variety of large offerings on platters or bowls within easy reach of all.


A classic Italian pranzo (dinner) usually begins with a variety of antipasti (hot and cold appetizers), followed by one or two primi (usually a hot pasta, risotto, or gnocchi). Next your table will share i secondi (entrées) served on a platter combined with your choice of contorni (vegetable side dishes). Italians often complete their meal with un dolce, un caffe, or un digestive (dessert, espresso, or liqueur).


Our suggestion would be to take your time and savour the flavours and aromas that entice the senses. Complementing our menu is a brilliant and varied wine list that features wines from all over Italy, and also embraces outstanding wines from all over the world. We also carry an extensive list of Grappa, Cognac and Port.







Hired as a dishwasher over 44 years ago, Gregg has learned the restaurant & hospitality business from the ground up. After 8 plus years of learning in the kitchen, Gregg switched to Dining Room Manager, leading to his first posting as General Manager 2 years later.

After almost 4 decades with The Keg Steakhouse, Gregg (with friends/associates) opened vivo ristorante, a truly independent & local venture.

The importance of sourcing as much fresh, top quality local product means Gregg is in constant contact with all of vivo's numerous local farmers, either picking up produce at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market or by seasonal visits out in the fields.

Chef Medi .jpg


        Executive Chef

Chef Medi T. moved from Paris, France to Edmonton, As classic French cuisine trained chef, he

brings his international outlook and love of passionate cooking to Edmonton.

His passion for all things food and cuisine started at an early age in Morocco where he was

born. Coming home from school as child, he was eager to head to the kitchen and help his

mother by peeling vegetables, while watching her add dashes of spices and herbs to create the

comfort food of his youth -- delicious tajines, fresh pastas, riz au lait, madeleine and couscous

“royale” with garden-fresh vegetables. Not only did he get to know the importance of fresh

ingredients, but also the nuances of taste.

Italian food was part of Medi`s growing up, he also speaks Italian thanks to his family members

that live in Veneto Italy where he visited many times and learn more and more about Italian


Graduated from prom`hote CFA in Paris, France, he went on to work in fine dining Michelin

restaurants, such as Les Tables Musset, La Bastide Odeon, Chez Alain Ducasse, Le Clarisse 

(now operating as (“ David toutain"), Le Comptoir, and gastro-bistros ect.. 

(where fresh ingredients make the menu du jour the key to success).


Medi’s food journey took him all around the world. Working for the best international airline in

the world, he traveled the globe, from Asia to Australia, Africa to Europe and everywhere in

between. He experienced the delicacies of fine gastronomic dining, to the sights and sounds of

cultures in street food and humble neighbourhood restaurants.

After deciding to move from Paris to Vancouver, Medi worked at Blue Water cafe and did a stage at Hawksworth. Although he gained invaluable experience in Vancouver, he moved to Edmonton to be closer to extended family and explore all the opportunities that a rapidly growing city like Edmonton has to offer.

Upon his arrival to Edmonton he worked at vivo ristorante, fine dinning Italian restaurant, within

a year he become vivo’s executive chef and did the opening for second vivo downtown, his hard

work and dedication earned him a place among ten top chefs in Edmonton to compete in Gold

Medal Plate 2017 and CGKP 2018 and placed 4th place, and CGKP 2019, CGKP 2020

Medi understand the importance of been part of the community, he is involved of creating

culinary cook programme for the norquest college for people who want to continue their

education in restaurant industry.


Diplôme de la cuisine et Pâtisserie française, Paris France

Business administration diploma, Emirates Airline

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