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dove l'italiano è vivo: where Italian comes alive!

vivo ristorante is recognized as the best traditional upscale Italian restaurant in Edmonton

we relish the enthusiasm and zeal with which traditional Italian dining is to be enjoyed. Our open kitchen showcases our chefs preparing fresh and local ingredients..

When you join us for dinner, expect it to be a relaxing evening lasting a couple of hours over several piatti (courses). Your table comes alive when we present a variety of large offerings on platters or bowls within easy reach of all.


A classic Italian pranzo (dinner) usually begins with a variety of antipasti (hot and cold appetizers), followed by one or two primi (usually a hot pasta, risotto, or gnocchi). Next your table will share i secondi (entrées) served on a platter combined with your choice of contorni (vegetable side dishes). Italians often complete their meal with un dolce, un caffe, or un digestive (dessert, espresso, or liqueur).


Our suggestion would be to take your time and savour the flavours and aromas that entice the senses. Complementing our menu is a brilliant and varied wine list that features wines from all over Italy, and also embraces outstanding wines from all over the world. We also carry an extensive list of Grappa, Cognac and Port.


 Please note the Feature on our dinning menu may not be available 

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Food brings people together
PRIVATE DINING ROOM for up to 24 people is  NOW available, custom menu & group pricing celebrate your events, parties in style! 
some conditions apply 


Serving large portions to share and enjoy family-style. Our open kitchen and Chef's Counter showcases our top chefs preparing rustic classic food featuring fresh high quality local ingredients. vivo's extensive collection of fine wines embraces Italian style wines from around the world.

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